Benefits Of Microsoft Office.

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Benefits of Microsoft Office
Microsoft office is a very useful tool in the classroom. There are many helpful tools such as changing viewing formats, more ways to view pictures and PDF’s, and providing a more editable experience over all. Viewing photos, videos, and PDF’s is more convenient than ever with Microsoft office. Pictures can be added from bing and onedrive, and can be viewed from the document page, or can be double clicked and come to the forefront to make it easier for students to see and focus on images. When opening a PDF, text is 100% editable and the format transfers over into Microsoft word seamlessly, making accessibility to information of a different format less of a hassle to show. You can also view documents in a sort of “open book” layout that is navigable, similar to a slide show, and is a great way to display notes and other information in a class.

Microsoft Outlook is commonly used and integrates well with other programs and systems. It will sync with any smart phone and is accessible from any computer, regardless of the operating system. It also works well with Microsoft exchange. All of this means that users don’t have to be IT experts to use the product and that they shouldn’t have to make many, if any, calls to an IT expert. Outlook also allows you to organize easily. You can color code messages, so that if your boss emails you, their message could show up in a bright bold red so that you are sure not to miss it. You also have the traditional

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