Benefits Of Military Technology On Technology

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While violence and conflicts are often associated with military technology, its developments have actually brought us some benefits as well. An interesting fact is that the benefits of military technology in civilian applications most of the time was not part of the primary purpose when deciding to fund its development. This goes to show that the implications of a new technology being developed can go far beyond what is originally imagined.
One of the inventions that were a game-changer in military technology, the Global Positioning System (GPS), was also revolutionary to the civilian world. Not only can the navigation tool help to reduce casualties and improve accuracy of air strikes, it also allowed soldiers to be able to navigate through darkness and pinpoint enemy locations. Today we can see GPS installed in vehicles to give directions to drivers, and people relying on GPS apps on their smartphone to get to unfamiliar places.
Another benefit military technology gave us was computers. The first computer, ENIAC, was developed for military uses and was called the giant brain as it occupied 167 square metres. The computer sped up the process of difficult calculations for producing an artillery-firing table. After going through multiple evolutions, the sight of desktop computers, laptops, and smart mobile devices became extremely common. The presence of these devices had contributed to the time-space compression, greatly increasing…
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