Benefits Of Mindfulness

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a learnable skill. It is a capacity we all possess, by virtue of being human.

Mindfulness based therapy is the name given to an awareness that emerges when we focus attention on particular aspects of our experience in the present moment.

Too frequently, we ride over and ignore much of human experience, ruminating on and rehashing the past in our minds and/or worrying about the future. Mindfulness is a process of adopting an attitude of acceptance and non-judging toward thoughts and sensations, including those, which may be unpleasant. In this way, we then acknowledge and accept rather than turn away from the present moment experience. This does, however, require re learning and practice. Paradoxically,
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Mindfulness is a way of developing your inner resources for dealing with life’s challenges.
There are a significant number of benefits to mindfulness, which you can view on this website by following this link

Mindfulness is gaining so much popularity due to significant scientific breakthroughs. In particular, it has been uncovered that the human brain has the capacity for neuroplasticity. In other words, it is found that we have the ability to alter structures in the brain in a healthy way, using evidence based Mindfulness practice.

What is neuroplasticity?

The term neuroplasticity is the term used to refer to the capacity of the human brain to adapt and change in response to our thinking, behaviour, mood, emotions, environment, neural processes etc.

The neural pathways in the brain have the potential to adapt; they are flexible. The structure of the brain can change through the experience of mindfulness. Through the practice of mindfulness, we have the capacity to change pathways in the brain to develop new healthy habits. Extensive scientific research has shown that mindfulness leads to activation in the left prefrontal cortex. The change in the prefrontal cortex is a change associated with wellbeing, with an increase in positive feelings and emotions, physiological sensations and a faster recovery time from exposure to negative
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