Benefits Of Minimum Wage

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Why minimum wage should be raised In our society today, a recent issue that has been on the rise is minimum wage. There’s been many debates about whether the minimum wage should be raised or not. Some argue that it will only do more harm than actually benefit, others believe it will benefit the economy and help lessen poverty. But can a family survive on a minimum wage when healthy food cost more than their budget, or having teens prioritizing work over school because of poverty, should worker be paid for the amount of contribution they give to big company like fast food? All of these are valid reason why minimum wage should be raised. Living a healthy life has become more expensive in our world today. In the Food Inc video one family talks about how expensive it is to eat healthy. “ Why is it that you can buy a double cheeseburger at a McDonald for 99 cents, but can even get a head of broccoli in the store”. (Robert Kenner c. 2008) Therefore, if someone who get’s paid around 7-8 dollar per hour, they won’t be able to afford a healthy lifestyle. If they have kids to feed, most families will choose the burger over the cabbage. Since they could feed more mouth with fast food than healthy food. As this continues in many families in America. Their health will start to deteriorate over time and affect America as a whole. America will have to create new health care policy to help those families get back into shape or tend to their health. In addition to the rise of healthy

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