Benefits Of Moving To California

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Dear Mom and dad, I would greatly appreciate it if you and dad would move down here to California. There are many things down here for you and dad to do such searching for gold, Help out chinese people so you can have good karma, and if you really want to you can go on exploration for thomas jefferson himself.
First off, Dad you would absolutely love it down here in california you could go on a gold rush and try to strike for the riches. But say you wouldn't want to do that you could maybe convince Thomas jefferson to let you go on an exploration just like lewis and clark did! The exploration would be really hard though so i recommend sticking to mining for gold.
Secondly, Mom i know how much you love helping people in need so you could do some community work by helping out the chinese people that moved down here with no money and food. Some ways you could help those chinese people is by making them blankets or just giving them a little bit of food.
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It sounds like a boring trip which it probably would be but it's something do down here that will get you in shape and try t get indians to trade with us. In conclusion, you found out why i want you to move to california even though there is not much to do down here it's better than living back in the old cabin away from everybody and doing the same old things
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