Benefits Of Multiculturalism

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Benefits of Canada’s Multiculturalism Policy
“We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.” - Kofi Annan (Ghanaian Diplomat, 7th UN Secretary General,2001 Nobel Peace Prize Winner). In 1971, Canada was the primary nation on the planet to implement multiculturalism as an official strategy. By doing so, Canada ensured the esteem and pride of every single Canadian citizen paying little mind to their racial or ethnic sources, their dialect, or their religious association. The 1971 Multiculturalism Policy of Canada likewise affirmed the privileges of Aboriginal people groups and the status of Canada's two authority dialects. Not exclusively does multiculturalism in Canada have an authoritative part, it likewise has legal foundations that administer it. While there is no "multiculturalism court" in essence, key authoritative organizations of multiculturalism do have legal structures. The Canadian Human Rights Act, for instance, is implemented by the government Human Rights Commission and Tribunal. These bodies have the specialist to parley and intercede cases of segregation secured by the Act. Likewise, the rights to uniformity and flexibility under the Charter are deciphered and upheld by the Canadian legal ― specifically, the Supreme Court of Canada. Under the Charter, the courts may strike down or change government laws and practices on the off chance that they observe them to be in opposition to natives'
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