Benefits Of Non Profit Organization

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Non-Profit Organization PeaceTree is an international non-profit organization that advocates for protecting the natural environment (Laurate Education, 2013). This medium-sized organization is located on the second floor of the building in the downtown neighborhood. The company’s budget is approximately $2 million. Regarding the cost-benefit analysis approach, it appears to be heavily emphasized in the PeaceTree’s budget. The benefits of PeaceTree should be identified as absolutely apparent over the past few years. In respect to environmental concerns, it becomes evident that the extending environmental impact upon businesses and neighbors is a real challenge. This is especially true in Delaware where where commercial businesses have…show more content…
The study largely gravitates towards maintaining a due recycling program and elaborating on most optimal recycling strategies, which would give the chance to keep maintenance costs and taxes down for business owners in the City of New Harbor. This study also explores how cultural differences and the knowledge itself that business owners bring to recycling can result in two-fold outcomes; the ambiguity consists in enabling, on the one hand, some organizations to overcome barriers to participation and decreasing, on the other hand, others companies’ ability to overcome barriers to participation in the City of New Harbor, Delaware (Brown, 2013). Thus, recycling activities are fully prepared in order to ensure that the effects of recycling concept are injected into business owners’ perspective.
In the late 1990s, hospitality industry companies did not express concerns about environmental impacts and sustainable techniques necessary to reduce the solid waste (Radwan et al., 2010; Pirani & Arafat, 2014). Currently, recycling policies, strongly associated with recovery-oriented practices, refer to the collection and reuse of waste materials by business owners. Singh and Lee (2014) distinguish the importance of recycling programs. In particular, they claim that materials for converting into new objects can be accumulated separately from
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