Benefits Of Not Going To College Essay

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You’re in your senior year of high school. College and financial aid applications have just opened up. You have yet to go a day without hearing the word ‘college.’ The pressure is building up and the anxiety of it all is getting the best of you, but why? Well, college tends to have the reputation of the only way to get somewhere in life. It seems as if you’re not going to college, then you aren't doing anything useful. This, however, is not the case. Not going to college is a viable option because self-discovery, networking on your own and going to the military are alternatives that can lead to a more successful future than going to college will.
To start with, not going to college is a viable option because going to college can hinder your
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To begin with, this option should be taken into deep consideration. Joining the military can mature you as well as teach you multiple skills that can assist you after your time serving. These benefits can also include a large payout when it comes to whatever you, or your family plans on pursuing after. This can include going to school or finding a job. Like stated before, regardless of your decision, a large payout will ensue. By way of contrast, some people may look at college as if it’s of utmost importance. This, however is not the case.
As previously mention, college is looked at as the only way you can become successful, but there exists many reasons to prove otherwise. Everyone is different. Hence, the way people learn well be different. The idea of college being the only option can work for multiple people. But learning through your own self-discovered skills and resources can also be just as effective and in multiple cases, can work to a greater extent. All in all, not going to college can be a valid option.
College is not the only option when it comes to being successful in life because without college, you can still find yourself, make your own network and possibly find your success through the military. Even though college has earned the reputation of being the only path of success, there are multiple reasons why it’s not. So, what will your path after college
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