Benefits Of Online Education

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Online classes have become a more popular source for learning in the education system over the past couple of years. In the technology based world lived in today this is no surprise, it seems that everything is turning from human performed to technology based. The technology based world lived in has good and bad consequences, with technology based classes the need for teachers in the classroom teaching the material is declining. Along with jobs declining, many argue online learning may not be providing the same quality of education. Although, online classes have many positive aspects that override many of the negative. Online learning allows the student flexibility with their class times, provides better learning styles for students who…show more content…
Some students do better sitting in a class room listening to a teacher lecture, while others would prefer to read the lesson on their own in a quiet area. Of course students that would rather attend class with a real teacher and participate in conversation throughout the class should take classes with a real teacher. Some students have phobias of speaking out in class or being called on to speak in a class discussion but, online classes prevent this from occurring which provides a safer learning place for these students. This situation can have downfalls as well, while it is protecting students from having to speak out in a class discussion it is preventing the student from obtaining public speaking skills. According to Hughes when students are required to interact with classmates and professors, they gain confidence in their ability to speak and interact with others. This is where an online class lacks what a traditional class has to offer. At any school there is going to be a class a few students want to take, but not enough to fill a classroom. There also might be a situation where only a couple of students every few years show interest in taking this class. Some schools either do not have the money to hire teachers for extra elective classes, or it does not make since to hire a teacher for a class that students may not have any interest in. This is where online learning comes into play, students will have the ability to take the class of their
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