Benefits Of Online Health Care

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Hardik Vardhan
American Well: The Doctor Will E-See You Now

1) The benefits of online health care are existent, however, along side the advantages lie the disadvantages. The advantages are divided between the patients and the doctors. The provision of health care online creates benefits for the patients because meeting the doctor at a particular location is no longer an inconvenience. People who live in rural and remote areas could be tended to immediately. The system becomes mores accessible and can be operated at their ease. If their situation is an emergency, patients no longer have to wait in lengthy lines to visit the doctor and can access the system at a time that is suitable to them without the need of an appointment. This system will save the patient time. The possibility of the patient feeling ashamed is no longer applicable because they will have a great level of privacy. Due to the medical records of the patients being available online, the need to carry around medical files and reports is not necessary and in turn the stress associated with managing these files is eliminated. Finally, patients are able get a second opinion after their diagnosis. Saving travel time to and from the doctors office does prove convenient for the patient, but the doctor as well as the doctor will be able to work from home alongside, the cost of the travel will be eradicated. Doctors will now have time for their families and friends outside of the workplace due to the accumulation of…
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