Benefits Of Online Higher Education

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The digital era has created a revolutionary structure to higher education using the internet. Technology has changed the way students can interact with their instructors and classroom instruction through portals that institutions have created on their specific websites for degree and non-degree seeking students. The benefits of online courses range from different avenues to create an educational environment that provides more options to classroom instructions. Online higher education is an exceptional alternative to traditional classroom learning due to the convenience, peer interaction, cost, and self-pacing aspects of the institution.
As military members travel throughout the world on a moment’s notice, the convenience of online higher education creates a way for a military member to continue their education without pausing their educational development. According to Starr (2013), “Active duty military service members are increasing as constituents of online higher education environments in America” (p. 3). The rise in numbers is due to the convenience that online education provides for service member who can now do their job that usually entails traveling, and keep up with their educational goals. According to McPherson (2015), “Internet technology provides the ability to stop, rewind, and play instructional videos, something that traditional classrooms do not provide” (p. 144). With videos and webinars available to students, the content can always be issued or retrieved…
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