Benefits Of Online Travel Services

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Introduction Online travel services have made a profound impact on the way people make their travel plans or purchase air tickets or book hotel rooms. More people choose to select information about their holiday destinations and pay for their choices by sitting at home and clicking a mouse rather than by walking into a physical travel agency store to communicate with a real person. Not only do a growing number of consumers believe that e-travel agencies (travel agencies who offer travel services online) are better than traditional ones, since they are able to offer more convenient and less expensive travel products, but also some strong traditional travel enterprises have transformed to e-commerce business or have prepared for such a transformation. The first and the most important reason that urges travel companies to put themselves online is that it can bring them more eyeballs (more attention) and comparably more profit. According to the 2003 Annual PhoCusWright Travel Consumer Trends Survey (PhoCusWright, 2003), nearly 30 million people, representing 14% of the US population, purchased online travel products/services, which occupied a significant portion of revenue of the whole American travel industry. Although some of the potential travellers do not pay for travel products online directly, a large number of them check travel information on their computers, from package tour content to air ticket price. According to the Etourism Newsletter (2002), more than half of
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