Benefits Of Outopycles In Europe : A Case Study

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In the past several years, due to trade sanctions and increasingly opened opportunities in the global market, it has become increasingly unproductive for the custom bicycle companies to produce and compete within America, where cars are utilized for more consistently than bicycles and the obesity epidemic climbs every year. While pockets of the American population show interest in utilizing the more customized aspects of athletic activity, most Americans do not have the income or necessity to invest in customized bicycles, making it unprofitable to continue to pursue production and sales solely in America. Bearing this in mind it would be prudent to endeavor in outsourcing manufacturing positions and pursuing efforts to further establish…show more content…
Aside from being the most advanced industrial manufacturing nations in Europe, a benefit of outsourcing the manufacturing of the bicycle parts to Germany through a third-party organization would be their working knowledge of the inner-workings of the European Union industrial standards; and likely a means of bridging the language differences between the Custom-Bicycle Company’s executives and its potential German affiliates (China-Germany Economic Cooperation on Fast Track). Further, the past several years have witnessed a monumental influx of migrants and refugees to western Europe; predominantly in Germany and Sweden (Osborne, S.). By Outsourcing manufacturing work to Germany, this would provide employment opportunities for the migrants which would assist in helping them assimilate and become productive contributors in the German economy, thereby lessening the strain their sudden presence created(Osborne, S.).
One of the only foreseeable disadvantages of this plan is the lack of direct control the Custom-Bicycle Company would maintain over the manufacturing aspects of their products. By Outsourcing manufacturing to a third-party, the company must trust the quality of the products being produced and the integrity of the unknown, unaffiliated, workers to do their jobs with a consistent efficiency. The risk the company takes on when outsourcing beyond their

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