Benefits Of Owning A Surface Mini

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When Microsoft first started, Bill Gates originally had the position of having “a computer on every desk and in every home”. Since then, Microsoft has slowly shifted to becoming the dominate force in the technology industry. With the Surface, Microsoft have achieved this by making the brand’s positioning all about being productivity. For tech-users, the Surface is a tablet which provides all the power of a laptop unlike Apple’s iPad which only provides the power of a tablet.
The Surface mini will change that and be positioned on a benefit platform. With this, Microsoft can highlight the benefits of owning a Surface mini. Microsoft has to differentiate the fact that this product is smaller than most tablets, yet has the amount
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Microsoft will be need to be able to provide a price that is cheap enough for the consumer, but still make a profit for them and create market share. The pricing is as follows:
• A 32 gigabyte model of the Surface mini will be the basic model and it will be sold at a price of $299.
• A 64 gigabyte model of the product will be sold at a price of $375. The raise in memory storage will increase the price a good amount, but will still be significantly reduced compared to Apple’s iPad mini models.
• A 128 gigabyte model will come out six months later that will be sold at $500 which will attract consumers that want the device with more memory. To attract them, Microsoft will run a promotion that will have consumers trade in the 32 or 64 models and giving them a discount that is appropriate for the consumer that will seem like a good value for the 128 model.
Distribution strategy
At the moment, Best Buy and Microsoft have a horizontal marketing system together. Microsoft has a certain space at Best Buy stores that is reserved for them to showcase and sell their products. Microsoft gets its own type of “Apple store” while Best Buy gets attention from the advertising and customer coming in to purchase the product.
For the Surface mini to be successful, that type of distribution has to change. By limiting distribution to one physical seller, Microsoft is limiting themselves from potential profits. Consumers should not be limited to how they can buy the product. The
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