Benefits Of Paying College Football Players

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Paying College Football Players Have you ever wondered how hard is it is as a college athlete, or the struggles as a college football player? Or do you have a future as a college athlete but is not familiar with the life style, time planning, and financial support ? Surveys show that college athletes have around the range of 3 hours of free time and are not provided any money. This shows that students rarely have any time and are left with no money. So as common sense would have most people wondering, “Why would they not just get a job to help take care of themselves?” Well student athletes are not allowed to have personal jobs, which supports the opinion of several thousand athletes that they should be provided with a certain amount of money every month due to personal needs, along with the payment of their tuition.This allowance can also help for food, clothing, and even personal items. Although most athletes feel as if they should have a small allowance, some student athletes define themselves as the most “blessed” humans on earth ; so having an “allowance” isn 't real necessary. Considering they no longer have to pay tuition and continue to pursue their childhood dream as a professional athlete. Some athletes do not even have a dream to be a professional athlete. Some student athletes have other aspirations; like being a Lawyer, Police Officer, Doctor, Nurse, Veterinarian, or even a fire fighter. So they use there god given talent as a entrance and walk way through
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