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Persuasive Essay Drinking age: 18 or 21? College students binge drink all the time. By bringing alcohol into a public area, students may be more willing to drink in limited quantities. Lowering the legal drinking age would cut down on binge drinking by college students. It could be safer, you’re an adult at the age of eighteen, and there might not be as much pregaming. If an 18-year-old can purchase their own alcohol, they will have less of a reason to go out seeking it from their friends, or strangers. According to Dwight B. Heath, an anthropology professor at Brown University, the younger children are when they start drinking, the safer they go about it. If the drinking age was twenty-one, 18-year-olds would be able to drink in a safer…show more content…
This would give students the ability to go to a more controlled area to drink. I began pregaming with some friends before going to an off-campus fraternity venue party. I remember taking a shot. Then I remember waking up, still in my clothes from the night before, on the floor next to my own bed. I didn't even make it to the party. Pregaming is dangerous. Those who pregame drink an average of 7.1 alcoholic drinks per night as opposed to 4.2. They're also more at risk of having severe hangovers, blackouts, unplanned drug use and unprotected sex. Yet studies show that seventy-five percent of U.S. college students engage in this unsafe behavior (Abba n.p.). In European countries, where the drinking age is mainly 18, one in 10 drinking occasions result in intoxication, compared to nearly half in the U.S, according to the World Health Organization. Bringing the drinking age down to 18, is not going to increase the amount of college students that drink, but it may save a life by promoting better drinking habits. It is clear that bringing down the drinking age might bring safer drinking habits.  Why not change it then? You are an adult at 18, why be told you can’t have personal freedom? Raising the drinking age to 21 may have some minor succusses, like getting fewer young people to drink, but lowering it to 18 could promote better drinking
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