Benefits Of Pets Essay

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Almost every one of us has kept a pet at least once in a life. Other than companionship there are a number of beneficial reasons of keeping a pet. Many studies have shown that pets are actually good for our health (Melissa Breyer). They help a person emotionally through traumas. Pets are also beneficial to both mentally and physically as well. Cats and dogs are especially known for treating up a disease and can help in managing the conditions of choric diseases. (Melissa Breyer). Pets become in sync with the body chemistry of their owner.
It is known that introducing therapy animals such as a dog, helps learn the children who are developmentally challenged (Bill Strickland). The pets can benefits the all the kids equally. Children feel more
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educationist says the pet sure the urge for running and developing a drive for physical activity. For example taking care of the dog is a huge responsibility that would make children much active than before. They would keep them on their toes for giving them food, taking them out for a walk or changing the water in their bowls. (The pet program)

2. The Social benefit.
Pets are a great social initiator for children. They interact more with someone of their age who is already playing with a pet. Pets act as a bridge between children who are more outgoing and the ones that are more introvert.
Being with pets gives the young children practice being in a social environment. They develop their confidence. The pets make the children more sensitive to the need of others and make them more mature. (The pet program)
3. The emotional benefit.
Pets can have a great impact on the emotional development of the children. They have an effect of a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. They act as a catalyst for learning at different stages of a child’s growth. A child’s responsibility would increase towards the pet as they get older which would make them grow emotionally as well. (The pet program)
4. The Cognitive
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