Benefits Of Physician Assistants

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According to the U.S News & World Reports, physician assistant rank number four on the ranking of best jobs of 2016. Why? It is because the unemployment rate is 0.2 percent. This is very low compared to national unemployment rate of 5.0 percent as of September, 2016 (Bureau of Labor Statistic, 2016). One of the factor accounted in this is because due to the vast population of United States of approximately 300 million people. With a tremendous number of people, there will also be a tremendous amount of health problem related as there are correlation relationship between peoples’ health and jobs. As a result, half of Unites States fastest growing jobs will be in health care. In addition, American life expectancy has increased drastically from 50 to 80; also, advance medical technical to help with serious chronic treatment helped contribute to this job growth (Anne and Victoria, 2012, Pg. 9).…show more content…
Physician assistant were not to popular begin with unlike today. Many physicians opposed to the ideas of having physician assistant in presence as a territory invasion. Physician assistants were brought up as stole stealer, lesser doctor. Although some physicians saw the benefits of having extra hands to help around, but majority viewed it as someone taking their jobs and duty. However, a few years later, this view began to revise. Physicians began to notice the benefits of having physician assistants around. Physician assistant assisted generate surplus revenue for doctor expenses. In addition, PAs also aid doctors with stress as doctors have less patients to see for themselves and able to do other stuffs. These are just some of the historical fact of how Pas became into
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