Benefits Of Preparing The Children For The Upcoming State Tests

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The word assessment has always been a scary notion for as long as I can remember. For most people test taking is a frightening concept. Even though assessments make children less confident and is stressful, assessments are important to children’s education because they help get them ready for collage, prevent children from moving forward without the help they need and assessments prepare children to become good test takers. This past week, the school I work at decided to have a pre-state test. There are many positive benefits to preparing the children for the upcoming state test as well as negative consequences. Many children took the pretest as a joke, playing around in the classroom and distracting the other children. However, others were freaking out because they did not know a lot of the information. After the test, some of my students were concerned with how little they knew for the math portion of the test. Assessments are used to help children pinpoint any weak points and get them any help they need. The children in my school also take the DRP test which measures reading comprehension. This test is administered during September, and the children are then placed in an AIS (Academic Intervention Services) class based on their reading scores. What I dislike about this assessment is not the fact the children are tested on reading comprehension, but when they got their results back, many were crushed by the score. Surprisingly many children are reading below grade
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