Benefits Of Private School Education

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How important is it for you to provide this for underprivileged students?

It’s huge for me to help all kids, kids are our future if we give them all the tools they can do anything they want in this world. For me, it’s trying to put kids in the right situation, and give them the opportunity to succeed in whatever field they choose.

Did you have many educational experiences such as the one that you're currently providing growing up in SC?

I went to a private high school, my parents received help from a lot of anonymous donors that I’m truly grateful for. It’s cool that I’m in the position to help kids do the same thing that was given to me.

How was the educational system for you growing up before you went to private school?

It was rough, I went to public school up into seventh grade my parents felt like private school was going to help me be a better leader so they stressed a private school education. It was a dramatic change for me, but I needed it for college, and for after college.

What's the difference between Public and Private School?

It was different, in Public school you have everyone from your neighborhood, and the surrounding neighborhoods, it was fun, but going to private school is different, you have all these types of kids from all over Charleston that were all about their education. It was a huge change for me and it took me a while to adjust, but looking back it was the best decision that I made.

Do you think that if
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