Benefits Of Promotional Items Are Most Effective

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Which Promotional Items Are Most Effective There are literally thousands of choices when it comes to promotional products, however, some items are definitely more effective than other, statistically. Surprisingly, it is not the cost of the item that is most important, but the usefulness. The rule of thumb is "know your audience". When you give items that your target audience is likely to use, your chances of a successful promotion increase dramatically. While research shows that the most popular products of the day are thumb drives, aluminum sports bottles, reusable grocery bags, and anything golf related, green, or American made, it is more important to address your niche than to follow the crowd. Some popular product choices in several categories include: Bags: Bags range from inexpensive plastic totes to swag bags, sports bags, backpacks, messenger bags, laptop cases, and purses. Business items: Business card holders, laptop sleeves, USB drives, pens (especially good quality pens), and highlighters fall in this category. Desk Accessories: Calendars (especially with a photo holder), laser pointers, picture frames, and desk caddies are all high-use items. Apparel: Dress shirts, golf shirts, t-shirt, caps, hats, socks, gloves, sweat bands, and even aprons... Since one of the main components of promotional products is brand association, you want your brand associated with quality. You also want your products to be used, remembered, and even re-gifted. Products that end up
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