Benefits Of Psychological Testing For Current And Future Police Officers And Firefighters

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This paper will examine the advantages of psychological testing for current and future police officers and firefighters. Both the fire and police services put the men and women who have chosen these professions, in situations that the majority of the population will never see. What do these situations do to a person and their mental health? What does it take to be mentally fit to perform the job and deal with the stressors on a daily basis? These are the questions that departments and training academies need to address as they seek out their new recruits. These professions are ones with many highs and many lows, little sleep at times, along with very physical demands on a daily basis. The totality of these demands can place handicapping mental stressors on our emergency service workers. Psychological testing can be one way in which instability can be identified before it affects those on the job. This type of testing can also assist with identifying Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which can occur even after many years on the job. Through research and collected data we will examine this testing procedure which can save many emergency workers from the disastrous effects of too many traumatic scenes.

The Advantages of Psychological Testing for Police Officers and Firefighters

Firefighters and police officers are expected to perform dangerous jobs on a daily basis. There are many times that they are dealing with situations that can easily mean life or…
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