Benefits Of Purchasing A Chocolate Manufacturing Unit On Sale

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Plant and Location
As our proposed location for the set-up of the plant, we are purchasing a chocolate manufacturing unit on sale in the UK .It is a well- established business located in a rural area of Somerset with equipment and machineries included in the sale. The expansion possibility in this business is high and has a pool of loyal customers. The location is highly-suitable in terms of labour availability and market proximity thus reducing transportation costs. The business description is as follows:-
Sector: Manufacturing
Tenure: Leasehold
Leasehold Price: £234,995
Annual-Turnover: £162,086
Profitability: £50,280

The manufacturing unit offers flexible terms for lease improvements with concessional benefits to make it more suitable for the conduct of our chocolate business. Our mission is to enlist our business on to the SBH,the International property and construction consultants’ clientele list to ensure negotiation of rent downwards for future in the best possible way.The use of this site would be to produce fine-quality chocolates that would use ethically sourced cocoa as its main ingredient.In order to serve our most vital mission- to place “Slave-Free chocolates” in the market and gain a competitive advantage through incorporation of Corporate Social Responsibility in our production facilities. The availability of skilled and semi-skilled labor in Somerset is towering as there are many labor contractors available there. Technical staff…

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