Benefits Of Respiratory Therapy

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There is always something wrong in the health care world, no matter what career it is. From being cared for properly to paying the price of the care. The career that is in need of help is Respiratory Therapy. Everyday there are people going in to get treated but insurance does not pay for it and not many people are not able to afford it. Although there are regular medical advances in the industry that can help patients, therapy costs make it inaccessible to most people; it is imperative that healthcare infrastructure be changed so that life threatening issues can receive treatment to improve quality of life for all who could benefit.
Although health care is accessible in general and in Respiratory Therapy studies have shown that more people,
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The affordable care act is the far reaching effort to contain costs to date, the new law includes an array of forms to the new way health care is paid and delivered for (There are several ways to address the current spending). The government could promote privately negotiated payment rates within global spending targets by the payers and providers could negotiate payment rates that would be binding, and the rates would fit the payers in the state, especially if you do not get sick that much (There are several ways to address the current spending). And another one that would work really well would be by using competitive bidding for all health care commodities, instead of the government setting prices for health commodities, manufactures and suppliers should compete to offer the lowest prices by expanding Medicare and extend health programs (There are several ways to address the current spending). In the United States there are multiple ways, if not infinity ways, to solve the solution of high health care costs. If everyone would work together there could be a huge price reduction in health care.
The job respiratory therapy has a lot of problems which are being solved everyday, but the main one is not being solved. By working together, the problem can be eliminated and people that have to be treated can be treated with a good cost and great care! Now all the U.S has to do is make a plan that works for them, the businesses, and the
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