Benefits Of Saving And Investing Money

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Saving and investing money can help accomplish things as small as being able to pay for sudden expenses or things as big as becoming financially independent. Of course, becoming financially independent or being able to retire at a decent age with plenty of money are the ultimate goals. All of the other benefits of being financially secure help us reach those goals. The reason we need to be proactive about investing is that once we retire, our income significantly shrinks. We assume our expenses will go down, but typically some expenses go up, we still need more money, or at the least, it would be great to have for personal reasons. Pensions are also becoming things of the past while unforeseen expenses, fixed expenses, and debt problems haunt us all. Controlling these problems and taking finances and investments into our own hands will help one create a good retirement for himself. For the purpose of this portion of the thesis, I will be discussing saving and investing in two broad categories. The first is retirement and the second encompases all types of investing designed to gain wealth or money.
Before diving into specific retirement plans, one must remember that this thesis is not based solely on retirement plans, so this will not be a comprehensive discussion of the topic. In order to begin to understand the importance of why we ought to invest and plan for retirement, one must understand that the average life expectancy in America is about 80 years. In order to…
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