Benefits Of School Uniforms

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Are school uniforms benefitting or discouraging children? School uniforms has brought up a rather large controversy of how they are either positive or negative. Uniforms made people talk about two sides to this dilemma. They can show community and equality as well as a bad side where children are brought to tears because they do not have a choice to show who they really are. What about the children’s emotions? There are various opinions that lead to the outcome of having school uniforms. Student’s should not be forced to wear what they do not want to but also should dress to where they feel comfortable in their own skin. High school is a place where teenagers find who they are. “High school is all about being able to learn who you are as…show more content…
They will be distressed with their kids not wearing a uniform, in addition, they’re not thinking of how they’re kids feel about wearing uniforms. Therefore, in end, kids should be able to be kids and be who they want to be. “Whichever side you come down on, I think we can all agree that school uniforms shouldn’t prevent kids from being kids.” (Clarke, 2016, p. 1) Across the world, many schools require their students to wear uniforms. Uniforms are important to them because they are representing their beliefs and community. Various children strongly disagree on wearing uniforms for their own reasons and opinions. There is always two sides on one subject, a positive and a negative. With this subject, it seems there is more of a negative vibe on wearing them. Wearing uniforms, believe it or not, can cause gender stereotypes. It all comes down to a point where they are good, bad or in between. School uniforms, regarding to children, bring restrictions to their everyday life. School uniforms has brought inequality to some students that have to wear uniforms. “Children also don't like injustice.” Usually kids like to be equal with others. They do not like to feel as if they are put lower and have unfairness lacking between them. (Bever, 2017, p. 2) “The directive is seen as a triumph for students campaigning for the freedom to not wear school uniforms or to defy certain school-imposed dressing codes that they deem unreasonable--such as
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