Benefits Of School Uniforms

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When someone mentions school uniforms, the first image that comes to mind is students from a private religious school but that image will soon change. Many public school have been adopting school uniforms over the years because of all the benefits that come with them. Schools should require students to wear school uniforms because they increase students safety, reduce bullying and peer pressure, save parents money, and most importantly they keep students focused on their education and improve performance in the classroom. Safety is the number one concern for any teacher, principal, or administrator. A school is supposed to be a safe zone for students that do not feel safe in other places but, as most people agree, the schools are not so safe after all. Just in these past few years, America had many school shootings and some of these shooting could have been prevented if the intruders were easy to spot. Requiring all the students to wear the same outfit makes someone wearing average clothes extremely easy to spot because they are not wearing what the other people in the building are wearing. Spotting these intruders earlier could prevent the incident or make it easy for administrators to start their evacuation or lockdown plan which could save the lives of the students. School uniforms can also help with confrontations and the overall behavior of students, for example, The first public school that adopted school uniforms has reported a “51 percent drop in physical fights, a
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