Benefits Of School Uniforms

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Twenty-three percent of all public and private schools wear school uniforms instead of free clothing. Louisiana requires all public schools (nonspecialized) to wear school uniforms. Although school uniform policies vary by schools and districts, most uniforms are basically the same through elementary and middle school. Once children get to high school the school uniform shirts vary by schools. Uniforms are a way to make those kids who are less fortunate to feel as if they are no different from their peers.

Have an option of what to wear every day can be stressful, but also a competition of who’s wearing what at school. I think that [uniforms are] going to help with some issues at school like kids making fun of others for their clothing. Kids will tease each other because of their clothes not being the most in style or the kid not having much of a variety of clothing to pick from. students like to express themselves through what they wear or um you know their style and things like that so of course they are normally going to be um protest are a dislike of wearing them because they can’t show their creativity, or they can’t show their style, or they can’t show their personality through their clothing so that’s why most of them hate the uniforms (Alexander). Students should be able to wear what they want to express themselves but sometimes this can become a problem. Regular clothes and uniforms can be harmful to both side, but the thing is, children
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