Benefits Of School Uniforms In Public Schools

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Every year around August and September school comes around, and that means shopping. It’s a day before school begins and no worries. The school uniform policy requires for the student just have 4 blue polo shirts and brown, blue, or black khakis for the males and khakis or a plaid skirt for the females. When school uniforms topics are brought up in the United States most people are not in favor. If only they took a closer consideration what school uniforms bring to the table that mind set would be transformed. We as a country should adopt an open mind because we can take a few notes from other countries whom have already adopted school uniforms into their public education regimen. This is one reason public schools in the United States should make school uniforms mandatory in public schools. When school uniforms come to mind they are often associated with private schools and charter schools. Private school or charter schools were not the ones to start implementing school uniforms into their school requirements. In fact, the uniforms were first recognized in England around 1222. The students wore robe like uniforms called the “Clappa Clausa.” At This time there were no private schools but instead the impoverished “Charity Kids” were associated with the school uniforms. Over time they started becoming associated with the higher-class citizens of England. As the uniforms were becoming more popular new accessories were added to the uniform requirements such as hats, ties, and
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