Benefits Of School Uniforms In School

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Beneficial Clothing for Schools Around the world, several schools require their students to wear school uniforms. Many students do not adore this idea, but do they truly know how it benefits them. Some wonder if these uniforms actually improve their learning and experiences in school. Numerous questions have arisen when schools consider this idea. The debate today is growing, as schools try to figure out how they can enhance their school. There are various improvements in school systems when they reach a consensus to add school uniforms. Youngstown State University found that school uniform policies promote the rate of attendance, graduation, suspension (Occupy Theory Staff). These uniform not only help student’s education, they also help…show more content…
School uniforms promote less distraction and lead to an enhanced learning environment. School uniforms also promote school pride and safety of the students. Teachers and staff want their students to have school pride to show support and to promote the school. Students that have a strong school spirit will most likely have a superior attendance, school uniforms encourage this. In 2007 a peer-reviewed study showed that once school uniforms were introduced to teachers they soon felt an increase of trust and respect from students. Students also felt they were part of a team (School Uniforms). Students feel as if they are a whole when everyone is wearing the same attire. Nobody is left out and everyone is comprised. Student safety is extremely monitored in school systems and uniforms could help accomplish this problem. If an intruder were to enter the building, students would easily spot the intruder due to them not wearing the correct dress code. Uniforms promote school spirit and keep the students protected from danger. Uniforms for the students can occasionally put families in a predicament. Schools that do not have uniforms tend to have students that will break the dress code policies. Schools then must create stricter rules because people abused the previous ones. If school uniforms were used the students would not be obliged to worry about breaking dress code policies because the school decides what they can and cannot wear. Most cases when
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