Benefits Of School Uniforms In Schools

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Evaluative commentary The article provides us with the benefits of wearing uniforms in schools. The author is optimistic and encourage students and parents to implement uniforms in school since it can eliminate bullying, merge social class and gives the school a professional look. Firstly, the author points out an argument about a school uniforms take away students right to individualism is unacceptable since there are many other ways to express yourself. The students can wear accessories, different shoes, or changed their hair styles to differentiate them from other students but it must be still within the school regulations. They can be stylish or anything they want beyond school hours but when they are in school, they have to follow the rules and understand that a school is a place for studying and not for being fashionable. After that, the author state that a uniform can abolish bullying in schools. This is because since everyone will be wearing an identical clothes including the bully, they have less reason to intimidate the students. The bully typically chooses its target by how they dress and thus making it harder for them to choose a target of bullying. Wearing uniform in schools may also erase the fine line of social classes. School uniform unite the social classes as wealthy and poor students will be wearing the same outfits. No one would have the capacity to figure out what social class a student is in just by looking at what the other individual is wearing. Schools with uniforms can also have all the students dressed pleasantly in their outfits and look more professional and all around kept up. I partially agree with the author that uniforms do not take away your independence to be yourself since there are other ways that can be done to distinguish yourself to other individuals. However, I believe that uniform does not eliminate bullying and able to combine the social rank between students. In my experience of 13 years wearing a school uniform, bullies will always find a way to belittle and pick on you. A few research was done before on bullying and an article written by Ella Walsh in 2015 states that the way bullies find their target is by watching students who are unusual, competent, nice, or
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