Benefits Of School Uniforms

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The concept of schools having uniforms is still new in the U.S. It was not popularized until the late 90s, which started when “Long Beach, California, adopted a district wide mandatory rule on uniforms for all elementary and middle-school students” (Lewin). It is still debatable whether or not school uniforms are genuinely accepted by the student and parent body, however, the idea of being well-dressed and not being pressured to think of what to wear every single day to school does not seem that bad. First and foremost, the most beneficial aspect of having school uniforms is the ability to go to school every day without having to decide what outfit to wear. It was found that in adolescents, mostly girls, there is peer pressure to dress well, in which it could turn into low self-esteem for the child if they believe they are unable to do so (Elisabetta Gentile). This behavior, if continued, will have a grave impact on the child’s personality and confidence. Whereas, if uniforms were available, the students will all dress alike, somewhat decreasing the possibility of peer pressure. “In America, where a majority of schools do not have a uniform, roughly 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students” (Spencer). In addition, with decreased peer pressure, the students are less likely to resist not going to school because of little to no bullying related to clothing. Although, the inclusion of school uniforms goes beyond solving
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