Benefits Of Senior Level Decisions

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can hold open-book financial sessions to help employees understand the how and why with senior level decisions. Another option to boost employee engagement that fosters teamwork and breaks up the monotony of doing a single job is by providing employees the opportunity to cross-train. By cross-training employees, managers give employees a sense of worth, extend their trust and provide opportunities for process improvement since newly trained employees have a “fresh view” of learning new tasks. It’s just like the Dr. Seuss saying, “The more you know, the more places you’ll go”, and studies have time and time again shown that creating a challenging work environment and career progress is essential in keeping employees actively engaged.…show more content…
Another finding in this survey is the biggest drop in engagement happens from year one to two, with employees’ engagement dropping down to 34%, and leveling off from year three to five at 30% (Lowe, 2012). The OHA’s findings on engagement levels in relation to time employed and demographics give healthcare leaders an insight on where to focus on receiving the biggest gains. For example, at Cheyenne Regional all new hires enter the organization through the “New Employee Experience”, with a follow-up half-day session at their 90-day mark. Using the data from Lowe’s research, innovative HR managers can create an “employee experience” session held every six months until the two-year mark, and annually after that until the five-year mark. Albeit, this would be a massive HR undertaking, the impact could positively influence employee engagement by allowing shared governance groups to recruit and share their past successes, more visibility of the C-suite leaders, and offer employees the opportunity to communicate both their positive and negative experiences in the organization. A program like this would aid in keeping current employees and reducing turnover. Decreasing staff turnover instrumental in hospital performance since turnover is very costly, often time taking several months of training for new hires to become proficient. Experts estimate
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