Benefits Of Servant Leadership

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The last weakness that I want to address in this paper is that my heart at times can stop or slow down some of the tough decisions that have to be made. I am the master of second chances. I am very patient and really do love working with my people. There has been a couple times in my career where I just didn’t want to make the final decision to fire a couple of my staff. We did coaching, written warnings, etc. to try and help them improve. Most of the time this works, but with one particular staff member I should have taking harder action sooner. This had to do with a staff member that was just negative and causing contention in the building. It was addressed for more than two years before the individual was finally let go. If I had better followed through with the disciplinary action he would have been terminated much earlier.…show more content…
By making sure that I’m involved working with all of my teams, I will show more trust in every group and I will be able to better know what is happening in the entire business. The greatest difference; however, that this will make is that I can better utilize by ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses of my team players and make sure they are working in the right place to make the biggest impact. By being able to see more of the players and what their strengths and needs are we will be able to make improvements more quickly and efficiently, which will continue to help our facility improve and
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