Benefits Of Sex Education In Schools

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Should sex education be taught in schools? There are a lots of debates over this. Many adolescents are having sexual intercourse with insufficient information about sexually transmitted infections. This results in a lot of disastrous consequences in the society and it also affects their future. To overcome this situation, family and society must introduce sex education in the most influential environment for teenagers which is the school. I strongly agree that learning sex education at school helps prevent teenage pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases, it indeed a need in case of parents' absence, and gives adolescent enough knowledge about their rights against sexual violence. First, it helps prevent teenage pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases because young people who receive sex education are less likely to report a teenage pregnancy compared to those who do not receive sex education. For example, adolescents can be informed how to use condom and birth control pill to lowering the risk of teens pregnancy and avoid ovarian cancer that might happen to them (Esposito). Next, it’s also helps young people to learn more about the unplanned pregnancy that can lead them to abortion because of having a child by accidently. Especially, this might affects the ability to able to have a child again when the time is right for females (Furedi). According to Masland, teenagers are becoming more sexually active at an earlier age. These young people are in danger of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS. In fact, this presents that there are 34 percent of teenagers between thirteen to nineteen who having chlamydia disease and 29 percent of gonorrhea disease (Marcovitz 10). Besides that, chlamydia is a cause damage to the female reproductive and it is endangering a woman’s ability to have a child. Finally, by teaching it in schools, teenagers will be informed earlier about sex, so they can prepares themselves as they grow up. Next, it indeed a need in case of parents' absence because many parents are away from their children, so it is better to learn sex education in school than from the media or from their friends. The generation today just keeps on getting worse. For example, the media and
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