Benefits Of Social Emotional Instruction

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IMPORTANCE OF SEL There is plenty of research to show the benefits of Social Emotional instruction and learning in the classroom setting. However, as is true for so much in public education, limited resources, funding, time, interest, and coordination leads to insufficient or ineffective implementation. Social emotional learning (SEL) has many names and definitions in academic literature. Some have slightly different meanings, but the overarching concept is the same, generally emphasizing similar key components. Researchers may use the terms: character education, social emotional competence, emotional intelligence, __
Greenberg, et. al., (Year) propose social emotional programs are most effective when they focus on both the
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Though implemented with the best of intentions, the disjointed bits of reactive instruction can actually have a negative effect. To be effective, Greenberg_____ found that programs must be comprehensive, chosen based on the needs of the children being served, and that staff must be trained, held accountable, and supported by administration.
Jennings and Greenberg
This article defines an “optimal classroom climate.” Having an optimal classroom climate leads to more efficient learning. If a classroom does not function at its best, the teacher also runs the risk of faster burnout from the profession. Continual management of problematic behaviors may lead to reactive, as opposed to proactive, responses from the classroom teacher, and therefore exhaustion and lower teacher satisfaction.
The authors propose that an effective classroom model includes SEC – social and emotional competence by the teacher can direct student outcomes. They present a framework model to follow in order to avoid the “burnout cascade.” Their model explains how a teacher lacking in SEC can negatively impact the classroom climate, relationships, management, and SEL program implementation.
Also presented in this article is a prosocial classroom model graphic that includes teacher SEC and student outcomes. It emphasizes the interrelated nature of each component. A change or deficit
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