Benefits Of Social Support For Stress

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Introduction During the university/college years, students face stress in many aspects of their life. Students feel an immense stress in first year where the settling process occurs and a high need for good, and quick adjustment. Therefore, coping with stress is vital in this period and as Çivitci (2015) suggested, social support is an important coping strategy to utilise. Social support, whether perceived or actual, has a vital role in coping with stress, physical and psychological well-being, and adjustment to the circumstance (Yasin and Dzulkifli, 2010). Social support There has been numerous studies that put emphasis on the importance of social support as a cornerstone for an individual’s physical and psychological well-being (Ozbay, Dimoulas, Charney & Southwick, 2007). Lin, Ensel, Simeone and Kuo (1979) defined the term social support as support available to a person from their inner and outer social circles, including family, friends, peers, and the community. Studies have shown the importance of social support as a buffering factor that protects against stress and psychological disorders (Yasin and Dzulkifli, 2010). Ozbay et al. (2007) suggested that fostering positive social support helps in managing stress and reduces psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, and others. Whereas lacking in adequate social support makes the individual susceptible to the psychological disorders and unable to cope with stress (Yasin and Dzulkifli, 2010). A
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