Benefits Of Staffing An Organization Essay

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There are numerous components to contemplate while considering staffing an organization. Staffing requires reviewing of duties and task, figuring out compensation and benefits, making reporting determination…employee’s supervisor and their supervising role, who does the company want…internal or external individual, marketing strategy, staffing process, and staffing selection. An organized and successful human resource department would have incorporated a few components into their daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual practice. While the information included will not incorporate every aspect about staffing, the paper will provide ways in which the Hershey Company accomplishes staffing. The following components will be expressed Hershey’s history, staffing models, legal compliance, job analysis/job description, rewards, recruitment…external versus internal, selection process making, retention, and recommendations. Through an examination of Hershey’s staffing operation…would allow observers to establish a correlation between their operation and the Staffing Organizations (Heneman III, Judge, Kammeyer-Mueller, 2015) textbook explanation.
Milton Hershey, a caramel manufacturer, had two failed attempts as a candy maker, one in Philadelphia and the second in New York City (Hershey, 2016a). Then in 1893 Hershey visited the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, where Hershey was fascinated by German chocolate-making machinery. Once Hershey and the
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