Benefits Of Standardized Patients ( Sps )

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During the second week of class, one of my fellow classmates and I were provided a scenario and the opportunity to engage with standardized patients (SPs), provide care, and develop our caring techniques (Bornais, J., El-Masri, M., Krahn, R. & Raiger, J., 2012). The scenario provided involved Brandon Sharp, a gentleman who suffered a spinal cord injury. When providing care for Brandon, my partner and I began by completing a focused assessment of his nervous system and then moved on to bathing the SP, changing the soiled bedding, and completing a head-to-toe assessment, which we originally neglected to complete. We finished this provision of care by feeding Brandon and moving him into his wheelchair via a lift system. Background The second week of professional practice allowed my classmates and I to learn about a variety of caring topics including using a foam pad to move patients up in bed, moving patients out of bed with the use of a battery operated lift, making both an occupied and unoccupied bed, and giving a bed bath. These topics led to an opportunity to apply most of this new knowledge by working with and providing care to an SP. During this provision of care, the only aspect that made it different from my other SP scenarios was the feedback given throughout the entire scenario. Brandon provided informative insight into how to hold a patient’s leg while they are in the lateral recumbent position and how to properly take the popliteal, dorsal pedis, and posterior
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