Benefits Of Student Faculty Interactions

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College can be very overwhelming and stressful at times. Many students struggle to keep up with all their assignments and due dates. There are many resources on college campuses that can aid students in time management; paper writing and studying habits, but the main resource that students tend to neglect are their professors. Professors are the ones that are teaching the material, assigning the homework and making the test. Student faculty interactions can be crucial to a student’s success in college. Whether it is for internship opportunities or recommendations, teacher’s jobs are to help students learn and succeed. Teachers are a great, free resource in college that seems to go unnoticed. Student-faculty interactions have major effects on a student’s self-efficacy and academic integrity. These are just a handful of the countless effects of student-faculty involvement.
There have been many studies that proved the benefits of student faculty interactions, but few studies discuss the psychological benefits of student faculty interactions. A study performed by Young Kim and Linda Sax (2014) tested the effect student-faculty interactions had on a student’s academic self-concept and if student faculty-interactions differed depending a student’s major. In this study, 14,450 participants were separated into four of Holland’s six academic principles. The principles they used were artistic, social, investigative, and enterprising. Each principle corresponds to a major. Artistic…
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