Benefits Of Studying And Learning Mathematics Essay

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The benefits of studying and learning mathematics have been the source of much research and debate. Recently, Michigan State University and Wayne State University have chosen to drop algebra from their general education requirements (Joselow, 2016). These two university decisions seem to conflict with the numbers of students who test into developmental mathematics every year. In a 2015 article written by Judith Keller, she stated that “… 60% of community college students require at least one developmental mathematics course…” (p. 4). Deficiencies in math skills occur for a variety of reasons. Today, more than 50% of all college students are over the age of 24 (Center, 2016) and need to improve or change their job skills. Those same students may never have had a college preparatory course. Many veterans returning to civilian life did not complete algebra 2 or higher in high school (Molina & Morse, 2015). Finding new ways to help students brush up on their basic math skills, while getting them ready for either a STEM or non-STEM related field, means more math departments need to move past the traditional lecture method of teaching to reach these diverse students through online and emporium styles of teaching. Statement of the Problem As the number of students taking courses at community colleges and universities across the country grows, the need to accelerate the process to improve college retention and graduation rates has also grown. In a study by Bailey and
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