Benefits Of Supply Chain Management

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According to Fisher, point of sale scanners is one the strategies which allow companies to capture their customers’ voice. Supply chain stages hear the voice from the customers and react to them appropriately using flexible automated warehousing, and rapid logistics through the electronic data interchange. New concepts like lean manufacturing; agile manufacturing among others in partnership with the new technology has been used to improve performance(Ben Naylor, Naim and Berry). Performance of many supply chains has been worse due to quite a number of reasons like rises in price to unprecedented levels has been coursed by adversarial relations between supply chain partners as well as dysfunctional industry practices such as over reliance on price promotions. Fisher says in his article that there are nice supply chain strategies which should be put in place after the nature of the demand for the product has been known. The following are strategies that are relevant according to the three articles.
Functional products are those that are bought at a wide range of retail outlets like grocery stores and gas stations (Lee). For such products they do satisfy basic needs hence they don’t change much overtime which provides staple, predictable demand. Innovative products require a different supply chain from that of the low margin functional products. This strategy is very basic because it gives assurance to companies to know that they are taking the right approach. This helps…
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