Benefits Of Talent Management Programs

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Introduction Talent management programs are usually designed to improve business performance and results. Business performance is highly influenced by external factors. These factors include economic conditions, competitors’ activities and government legislation. However, it’s not just external factors that influence performance. Internal factors like organizational structure, policies and business strategies are also main performance influences (Hunt, 2014). Most companies have realized that they can improve their performances by influencing their employee’s behavior. If employees are aligned with the business’s goals and needs through talent management, a company‘s performance will improve. This can be achieved by focusing on…show more content…
Therefore retails need to adopt models that attracts, develop and retain their employees by ensuring that their needs are met. Macy’s which is one of the oldest retail stores has made a lot of effort in coming up with technologies aiming at talent management in order to achieve their target.
Macy’s has recently entered into a partnership with Microsoft to empower their leading employees by providing them with Microsoft office 365. The aim of providing them with the device was to make the leaders mobile so that they can be easily walk around. The device through office 365 provides access to information including tools, reports and applications. The leaders are able to spend more time on sales floor in order to support and assist customers, associates and they are also able to make any necessary adjustments. The leaders are more connected to their stores hence the team members are able to feel the impact of their leadership (Tracy Issel, 2016). Since the devices were introduced, customers are more satisfied and the Macy’s management believes that the company’s partnership with Microsoft will create and leverage the best in employee technology and will make customers have a great experience across all stores.
In order to increase employee communication, the company got rid of the old practice of staff morning meetings to be briefed on any announcements. This was after realizing that a new model was required because not all employees were able to attend the
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