Benefits Of Temporary Visa Programs

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Over the past few decades, the American workforce has been on the decline. As many of the previous generations start to retire and leave the workforce so does their skills, something American companies are having problems replacing. Up till the 1970’s the American workforce saw the number of unskilled workers decline with the number of skilled workers increasing. In the 1970’s however, this trend stagnated and has held constant. With individuals aged 55-59 years getting ready to retire the American workforce is about to lose a large portion of its skilled workers. This puts American companies in a very precarious position, how do these companies replace these workers? Some companies are moving their operations to places where the number of skilled workers is steadily increasing. Most companies, however, take advantage of temporary visa programs like H-1B. This visa program allows these companies to bring in skilled workers as non-immigrants to work in the United States for three years, up to six with a renewal. Currently, the H-1B program allows for 65,000 foreign workers with an additional 20,000 visas set aside for individuals pursuing doctorate degrees. Additionally, universities are allowed an unlimited number of visas for individuals pursuing bachelor’s degrees. In order to apply for this visa, a foreign worker must have already been offered a position and actually it is their employer who applies for the visa. Due to the number of applicants in recent years the State
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