Benefits Of The Affordable Care Act

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Dear Senator Nelson, My name is John Brentwood. I am a 56-year-old retired individual who is currently not receiving health insurance as I fall into what, post ACA, is labeled the “coverage gap.” By detailing my life story and discussing the Supreme Court’s decision to make Medicaid expansion voluntary, I hope to convince you to consider finding a way to reinstate Medicaid expansion for all states. When the Affordable Care Act was first enacted, the main purpose was to reduce the number of individuals in American who did not have health insurance. Based on the idea of the individual mandate, the Affordable Care Act required that all individuals obtain health insurance, thus creating programs and options for individuals who found it difficult to afford it (Kaiser Family Foundation 2013). Those who failed to obtain health insurance would essentially have to pay a penalty tax. Additionally, eventually businesses of a certain size would also have to offer insurance options to employees. To assist those who could not afford health insurance, the ACA also formed state-based American Health Benefit Exchanges, which would provide subsidies, cost-sharing credits, and assistance to individuals/families with income between 133-400% of the federal poverty level (FPL). (Kaiser Family Foundation 2013). Most importantly, those who fell at 133% of the FPL or below would be eligible for Medicaid, a federally funded health insurance program. Prior to the ACA, Medicaid was only offered to
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