Benefits Of The Crowd-Sourced Approaching In The Art World.

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Benefits of the crowd-sourced approaching in the art world As the human history entered in the industrial society, the development of technology allowed people to earn more money. Not only the wealth of finance, people also could have more opportunities to get higher quality of education. The higher quality of education makes people to face to the new approaching of learning, at the same time with the controversial issues which causes in the progress of getting knowledge. Cathy Davidson, the author of “Project Classroom Makeover”, introduces the new concept of learning which is crowd-sourced approaching and its benefits by comparing with the traditional learning way. She claims that crowd-sourced education allows the students to have…show more content…
Because of the feature of crowd-sourced approaching-creative thinking-, it can provides more rich resources to create unique art works. Davidson explains that “[...] one needs an emphasis on creative thinking, at all levels. By this I mean the kind of thinking that cannot be computerized and automated. This creative thinking requires attention to surprise, anomaly, difference, and disruption, and an ability to switch focus, [...] (60)”. Despite of the traditional learning, crowd-sourced approaching requires people to divers, unique, and different thinking when they have to dealing with some problems. Because the society which people live in nowadays is very complicate, people need various view of thinking way to communicate with other people. Because of this feature of crowd-sourced approaching-creative thinking-, it is beneficial for the artist when they approach to the creating process. For the artist, gathering different ideas is very important step to start the process of creating. Hence, the crowd-sourced approaching assists the artists to gain their artistic creativities. The crowd-sourced approaching way serves the prosperity of the art world because it promotes the establishment of the connection. The works of art is basically sharing the ideas between the artist and the audiences. The purpose
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