Benefits Of The European Union

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Discuss the benefits of the European Union (EU) for its member states. Does the recent financial and debt crisis provide arguments against regional economic integration? The European Union The European union is an integrated system featuring some if not most of the countries in Europe. It is an economic and political agreement between the European member states that binds countries together through treaties, which have been signed by every country in the union. It was established back in the 1950s but, back then it only featured 19 countries in comparison to now when it features 28. For the countries featured in The European Union, there are several benefits the country and its citizens incur. These include, free mobility between member states as you can work, study and travel wherever you please within the European union. Also, as per, over 3.5 million jobs have been created for the 320 million European citizens just over the last few years. However, not all their policies are effective as we saw with the common agricultural policy that led to the increase in price and oversupply of goods. Although this is a negative, the European union still manages to maintain integration through the development of deprived regions. This is done by the other member states helping to improve countries which aren’t as developed as them, this is done through the “European Structural Fund”. Following on from this the EU has a large variety of benefits towards it member

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