Benefits Of The Iot And Outstanding Issues

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4. Discussion of the Advantages of the IoT and outstanding Issues In the initial stage, as noted, technology was used primarily to reduce errors and enhance efficiency by installing automated systems that facilitated improved health care in a cost-effective manner. Health services are now being further facilitated by the continual development of a combination of IoT devices. To date, for example, the Internet of Things has enabled doctors to handle various tasks, such as proceed remote surgeries and keeping a regular check on patients’ health via Internet connections. The Internet of Things can thus play a vital role in medical and health care services (Yin, Zeng, Chen & Fan, 2016). The Internet of Things has been defined as the…show more content…
The second stage involves establishing connectivity and then transmitting data through wireless connections. The third level is committed to rendering services to the users, according to their needs. The final level provides users with multiple methods by which they can connect and communicate with other applications (Xu, He, & Li, 2014). Higher-quality services are a key objective for the use of the IoT in healthcare. IoT can simplify the management of patients’ personal details and medical records. Through the use of RFID, medical emergencies can also be managed in a well-organised manner. RFID has proven to be efficient in identifying accurate information in a time effective manner through IoT; this is vital for doctors in emergency situations (Hu, Xie, & Shen, 2013). These applications likewise contribute to the importance of IoT in healthcare. As noted, the demands and charges associated with the use of Internet of things are high. However, certain methods can be used to minimise charges and save energy related to data centres and electric vehicles. To manage the system and control overall costs, relevant information should be collected, regarding electric vehicle energy demands and electricity prices. After collecting the relevant data, appropriate strategies should be developed and implemented to optimise the use of technology and deliver the best results (Yu, Jiang & Zou, 2016). Information related to patients’ health can also be
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