Benefits Of The Salary Costs Paid By The Enterprise

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Also work reform should be able to play the maximize benefits of the salary costs paid by the enterprise. While from the perspective of the worker, work reform should establish fair competition and a fair pay system in the labor market according to the needs of different characteristics of worker levels, so that employees will feel comfortable to work and give full play to their talents and potential to improve job satisfaction with a sense of accomplishment. What’s more, workers can improve their quality; the employers care and respect their employees, improve job design, and strengthen the construction of the corporate culture. The role of unions in shaping workplaces is mainly reflected in: first, it should safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, and then unions should represent workers to sign collective contracts with employers. In the implementation process of regulations and decisions on major issues, what the union or employee representatives deemed inappropriate should be put forward to the employer, to be revised and improved through consultations (Law commission of Canada, 2004). The unions also should help to guide workers and employers to enter into and fulfill the labor contract law, and with employers to establish a collective consultation mechanism, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers, as well as supervising the implementation of the contract. When employers violate the labor laws, regulations and labor contracts,

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