Benefits Of The Union Fighting For Health Care

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Health Care Bargaining - Union
The two hardest components in any collective bargaining negotiations is wages and health care. Finding a balance between both is even harder and for a company to stay competitive in the long run. The best strategy in negotiations is for the union to know and weigh the pros and cons of both sides and understanding the legislation affecting the issue to properly negotiate. This paper will first look at the pros and cons of the union fighting for health care or an increase in wages, the impact of legislation, and provide the best argument for the union against GMFC.
There are some positive outcomes from keeping the current health care plan or negotiating an increase in wages to offset the cost. The first of course, the union employees being able to keep their current benefits or receive an increase in wages. Another positive is the employees will be more satisfied and happier at work and in turn more productive. Also, if the company decides to not get rid of their current health care plan they would not have to pay a fine of about 100 million dollars a year, along with any increase in wages the union may negotiate.
In any decision, when there are pros there are cons. The first and most important con is that GMFC will not be able to sustain a competitive environment and become bankrupt. If the company continues with the current health plan and it is deemed that the premium levels are above a specified threshold, they will be…
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